Expense management for telecom & energy

Size your telecom assets and provide tools to achieve efficiency

TeleBright, an industry leader in centralized expense management for telecom and energy, has been delivering intelligent solutions to improve efficiencies for businesses and government since 1988. An innovative and user-friendly management system simplifies this complex process and streamlines operations through an integrated approach. An expense management system will facilitate efficient collaboration between information technology and finance departments while improving the bottom line. Telecom expense management (TEM) solutions consistently deliver savings of 15% - 30% for organizations of all sizes, in both commercial and government sectors.

Features & Benefits

  • Audit

    Assets, Bills & Contracts Audit, Linetests Usage Verification, Technology & Contract Terms, Right Sizing & 3-yr Strategy, Technology Upgrades & Transitions

  • Contracts

    Market Analysis & Negotiations, Central Repository, Expiration / Terms Tracking Invoice X-Ray® Source Docs

  • Procurement Portal

    Customized Products & Cart RFQ/Bids Portal, Service/Equipment, Request Forms. Purchase History Tracking

  • Asset Inventory

    Responsibility Assignments, Mobile App, Tagging & Tracking, Sub-Ledgers & Tax Reporting, Historical Reporting

  • Invoice Payments

    Invoice X-Ray® Compliance, Invoice Validation & Approval, On-Time, Payment Processing, Intra-Company Cost Allocations