CyberReef UptimePlus

Unlimited wireline-to-cellular failover

Give your business peace of mind with predictable wireless failover

Keep your business running with unlimited wireline-to-cellular protection via MobileWall’s UptimePlus. UptimePlus by CyberReef is the first-ever UNLIMITED wireless failover solution. The MobileWall UptimePlus bundle offers quickly deployable, unlimited wireless failover at a low, set monthly fee with no overages. With UptimePlus you get the most reliable business continuity solution without the risks of unpredictable monthly fees or the possibility of unanticipated overages. Take the guesswork out of wireless failover with UptimePlus by CyberReef. No risks, no worries, no bill shock!

Top Features

  • Zero downtime

    Unlimited wireless-to-cellular failover protection and automated, geo-redundant service guarantees 99.99% internet availability.

  • Low cost

    Low, set monthly cost ensures affordable and predictable business continuity. No overages guaranteed!

  • Security

    Secure all data traffic by operating over a private mobile network.