5i Intelligent Energy Platform

Offering greater operational efficiency, and improved occupant comfort.

  • The BuildingIQ 5i Platform of technology-enabled services learns and evolves with the needs of your building or portfolio of buildings. Deployment occurs once, when you engage with BuildingIQ, giving you —building owners and operators— the ability to select the services that best solve today's problems, and then easily add new ones to tackle tomorrow's demands. Our services can be deployed selectively to meet the needs of any building across any size portfolio or geography. Services that power our solutions range from ticket management, to retro-commissioning, to closed-loop control to tune your building to optimal performance 24/7.

Energy-based Insights and Services

  • Reduce Energy Spend Without Sacrificing Comfort: In a wide range of installations, BuildingIQ has demonstrated it can reduce energy consumption and operational costs while maintaining occupant comfort levels —even in buildings rated as highly energy efficient by LEED, ENERGY STAR®, and NABERS.
  • Add Intelligence to Your Building: Traditional approaches to making buildings smarter focus on only two factors: cloud computing and sensing. BuildingIQ's services platform comprises five major components: data capture and analysis, modeling, measurement & verification, control, and human expertise. Incorporating these five components constitute a more comprehensive approach to the Buildings Internet of Things.
  • Technology With a Human Touch: BuildingIQ's 5i Platform has deep capabilities in data ingestion, aggregation, monitoring, trending, predictive analytics, visualization, automation and optimization of HVAC energy usage and consumption. Human expertise informs BuildingIQ's unique energy data analytics to provide the basis for identifying operational and equipment anomalies.
  • Proven Solutions: Parts of BuildingIQ's technology platform were originally developed by CSIRO, Australia's national lab and inventor of WiFi. Our customers include major property owners, real estate funds, corporations, and government organizations, which have deployed the system in a variety of buildings.


Energy metering is the first step in understanding how you use energy. BuildingIQ provides cloud-based deep metering to enable energy management solutions.


  • Daily Scorecards show energy usage and performance, and energy/dollar savings/costs.
  • Modeling algorithm that incorporates interval energy data and weather data then calculates and provides reliable feedback on the performance of a building.
  • Simple, configurable, graphical interface with continual updates.
  • Weather data, time of day, and day of week predictive energy use.
  • Automatic notifications when consumption or demand levels exceed pre-determined thresholds.
  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® data preparation and upload eliminate time spent on benchmarking energy usage.


  • Stay on top of energy use with:
    - Hourly reporting on energy use, cost savings, load profiles, and potential peak.
    - Immediate detection of operational issues.
    - At-a-glance outlier and abnormality identification.
    - Easily identify key areas for improvement.
  • Quickly learn if a building is saving or wasting energy.
  • Evaluate energy initiatives with measurement and verification.
  • Comply with city or utility ordinances for benchmarking with one click

Building Operations

Our take on the Building Internet of Things brings an array of products and services to help you manage, tune, and operate buildings through big data, re-commissioning, and monitored commissioning.


  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Securely accessible from any device/web browser
  • Scalable, from a single building to multi-property, distributed portfolios
  • Preventive Maintenance module that automatically creates work orders at the appropriate times
  • Manual and configurable automatic work order assignment
  • Work order escalation capabilities
  • Directed notifications of events and tasks
  • Calendar view provides quick access to scheduled preventive maintenance tasks
  • Occupant-facing Service Center web page, which enables submission of new service requests and checks the status of previous submissions
  • Built-in reporting capabilities


  • Simplifies the management of complex service scenarios where internal teams and external providers must complete tasks.
  • Increases productivity and effectiveness of on-site and remote staff and vendors.
  • Occupant access via Service Center reduces administrative burden.
  • Faster resolution to occupant service requests.
  • Easy to generate key performance metrics for reporting to building owners and operators.
  • Simplifies preventive maintenance management, avoiding costly breakdowns.
  • Ensures work orders don’t fall through the cracks.

Predictive Control

24/7 optimized control, in-built measurement & verification, and demand response uniquely tailored to your building. With the addition of forward-looking models, buildings can be continually, and intelligently optimized to stay one step ahead of high costs while keeping tenants comfortable.

Demand Response

  • BuildingIQ's automated demand response service enables owner/operators to participate, and take full benefit from, utility-driven demand response programs simply, easily, repeatedly, and measurably. Demand Response is akin to a specialized form of Predictive Energy Optimization™ (PEO), but instead of an energy cost-driven optimization paradigm, Demand Response achieves event goals through a more aggressive time-based curtailment strategy that still seeks to optimize comfort. Unlike other DR solutions, BuildingIQ's Demand Response automatically controls the BMS down to the zone- leveraging learning models for the building's thermal behavior, BMS capabilities, and tenant comfort.

Automated Measurement & Verification

  • BuildingIQ has shifted the paradigm of Measurement & Verification (M&V) to the cloud. Our solution automates much of the M&V process while providing the necessary transparency for verification and compliance with the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP). By leveraging our real-time data collection, data science expertise, and powerful cloud computing, BuildingIQ's Automated M&V (AM&V) is the first true software-only solution that provides utility-grade reliability, repeatability, and scalability.

Predictive Energy Optimization™

  • Predictive Energy Optimization™ (PEO) is BuildingIQ's premier service. PEO leverages a responsive and well maintained HVAC system - so is often the service provided after Smart Tune re-commissioning has been completed. PEO improves the energy efficiency of commercial, public, or academic buildings regardless of BMS. Running as a software-as-service (SaaS), PEO optimizes around system efficiency, occupancy comfort, and lowest cost.