Global coverage on a single SIM card

POND IoT SMART SIM offers complete IoT solutions across 200+ countries & 800 networks, ensuring unmatched global connectivity. Unlike other solutions, our non-steered SMART SIM guarantees seamless network coverage, making it the ideal choice for your IoT devices. It leverages the networks of Verizon, AT&T & T-Mobile in the U.S. to ensure widespread coverage. Our multi-carrier SIM is equipped with advanced auto-switching capabilities that dynamically switch between networks based on connection strength, delivering unparalleled performance & eliminating the risk of disruptions. At POND IoT, we empower you to customize plans & pricing based on your specific business requirements, all while maintaining full control over our core network.

Top Features

  • Multi-network connectivity

    Connects to Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile in the US. Coverage from 800+ partner networks globally.

  • Non-steered

    No network preference, SIM will select the network with the strongest connection available.

  • Large data pools

    Data can be pooled across unlimited devices. Flexible pricing options available.

  • Low latency

    Lowest latency of any SMART SIM/Multi-Carrier SIM.

Must-Have Features

Meet the demands of modern businesses with SMART SIM

With our SMART SIM, you can rest assured that your IoT devices are always connected, anywhere in the world, and at the best possible price.