Making your wireless community work better and cost less

Smartel is an industry leader in wireless expense management. We assist organizations to significantly reduce wireless spend and administrative costs. We establish best-business practices, policies, and asset management for your wireless communications. Through partnerships with major wireless carriers, mobility software, extensive knowledge of regulations, policies, wireless enterprise plans and discounts, we are confident you will see immediate quantifiable results.

Top Features

  • The Savings

    When Smartel optimizes your wireless communications, you can expect an average annual savings of 35%.

  • The Details

    Smartel’s simple and effective online mobile account management system.

  • The Solution

    Most often, bill increases come from misuse of wireless services.

  • The Results

    Smartel makes sure you only pay for your actual usage.

Must-Have Features

Wireless Expense Management

We specialize in using Wireless Expense Management (WEM) software to optimize your wireless communication and save you money.
On average you can expect to save $30 per line, per month. For example, if you have 250 wireless devices, your savings could add up to $7,500 per month; $90,000 per year.

Managed Services

Don't let wireless device issues waste your time. Let our U.S.-based business help-desk take care of it, for any device, and any carrier. We provide direct customer service through a convenient, online CRM portal, by phone, or via email.
Companies have a growing number of mobile device models, along with employees that need reliable customer service support to keep your business moving efficiently.

Mobile Device Management

MDM software is popular and becoming a standard for most businesses. We not only provide the software, we take it to the next level with our management services, eliminating costly in-house IT labor.
Our MDM software solution manages your smartphones, tablets, and BYOD devices from one central point. Which includes setting company policies, providing mobile security, and managing mobile business environments.

Machine 2 Machine

M2M refers to technologies that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same type. We have the capability to help your business run more efficiently and cost effectively by eliminating the difficulty of managing M2M connections.
The costs of M2M plans are extremely volatile from month-to-month. This is a result of costly overages from heavy data usage spikes and mismanagement of data pools.

Zipit Technology

Zipit Wireless is the industry leader in two-way critical messaging solutions, enabling fast, reliable, and secure communications for a variety of industries. Designed to address all issues hampering critical message delivery, including uncertainty, connectivity, speed, and accountability.

Rugged Tablets

The need for heavy duty tablets in the healthcare and construction industry resulted in the design of an industrial strength, lightweight, easily disinfected, and compact, rugged tablet. The Motion Computing® C5te Rugged Tablet provides an increase in mobile productivity while providing portability, security, power, and versatility.
From the hospital, home care, to the construction site, the C5te can handle the toughest conditions.