infoCloud Phone System

Replace your legacy phone system with cloud unified hosted PBX.


  • Scaling up a hosted phone system is a matter of asking for more lines, which can be deployed at a moment’s notice. As call volumes grow, a hosted phone system allows your business to add lines quickly and efficiently.


  • Hosted PBX solutions that have redundant network architecture or automatic fail-over routing. These will ensure that any downtime that happens as a result of hardware failure is immediately corrected at the managed data center.


  • Shared call appearance between desktop, PC, and mobile endpoints with the seamless hand-off of active calls for mobile employees.


  • Fosters enhanced productivity for employees within a workgroup that is mobile or otherwise geographically separated.

Instant messaging

  • Enterprise multi-person chat for quick collaboration, avoiding inefficient meetings.

infoCloud Voice Lines

Bring your legacy devices into the cloud with SIP Trunking.

SIP to POTS analog voice lines

  • If your PBX needs analog phone lines our SIP-to-POTS service is your answer. Stop paying for expensive legacy copper phone lines.


  • If your PBX needs a PRI or T1 circuit our SIP-to-PRI service is your answer. Stop paying for channels you don't use, we only charge you for what your business needs.

SIP trunks direct

  • If your PBX takes direct SIP Trunks our SIP Trunking service is your answer. Competitively priced, flexible, and scalable to meet your business needs.

infoCloud SD-WAN

Maximize efficiencies from all your network applications using SD-WAN.

VoIP and UCaaS protection

  • Provide a solid VoIP and UCaaS connection regardless of service outages, packet loss, lag, or jitter. SD-WAN automatically detects connection issues and adjusts in real-time.

Improved SaaS performance

  • Enjoy an uninterrupted cloud software experience. SD-WAN can identify your most critical cloud application traffic and ensure that it’s prioritized.

Up-time at every location

  • Deploy SD-WAN easily to any remote office locations without needing complicated on-site network engineers. Our plug-n-play model makes it simple.

Save costs from MPLS

  • Use SD-WAN to replace your expensive MPLS connections.

Bonded internet connections

  • Benefit from the highest aggregated internet throughput possible when combining links from multiple service providers.

infoCloud FAX

Secure cloud faxing and legacy fax machine line replacement.


  • Send and receive fax directly on your computer or mobile phone, with infoFax.

infoFax bridge

  • Secure fax transport for your physical fax devices. Organizations are consolidating voice, fax, and data resources to cut costs and simplify their communications infrastructure. Voice over IP (VoIP) and Fax over IP (FoIP) are two technologies that have become critical to organizations as they create a unified strategy for voice and data communications. These technologies allow companies to reduce their total cost of ownership by eliminating telephony hardware and consolidating the management of voice, data, and fax communications.

Microsoft Teams

Integrate your phone system voice calling into Microsoft Teams.

Use teams as your business phone system

  • Give your team the calling features they need to get business done. From music on hold to cloud voicemail, it’s all available within Teams

Collaborative calling experience

  • Deliver great collaborative experiences as part of adding direct routing voice to Teams.

A hub for teamwork & collaboration

  • Teams give your organization the information they need, right in Office 365. Chat, content, and tools are all in the Teams workspace.

Painless on-boarding

  • infoStructure has partnered with the world's first fully automated provisioning portal for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Calling. There is ZERO knowledge of Powershell required, which is a game-changer.