Peerless Network SD-WAN (SASE)

Smart, affordable, future-proof SD-WAN

Built for enterprise customers

If you are considering securing cloud-based networking to connect your sites, look no further than Peerless Network. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) takes distributed, software-defined routing, or traditional SD-WAN, to an entirely new level. Its fully managed CPE-based solution delivers simplicity, security, performance, and exceptional cost savings. With SD-WAN (SASE), you can easily connect your sites to Peerless’ fully IP-based voice network, critical cloud services, and the public Internet. It is an easy-to-install, feature-rich solution with private networking, multiple WAN connections at each site, survivability, customer-defined apps, and traffic prioritization.

Top Features

  • Flexible and agile

    Flexible, hybrid SD-WAN designs allow you to customize your network site-by-site.

  • Transport agnostic

    Choose connectivity over any transport type (Internet, Ethernet, broadband, or MPLS) that integrates with your existing WAN.

  • Network security

    Encrypting and tunneling traffic to your data ensures the highest level of security for your network.

  • Dynamic routing and application performance

    Using application-aware technology, traffic is dynamically routed ensuring optimal delivery of business applications.

  • Centralized management

    Real-time visibility into your network along with the ability to control and optimize your applications’ performance is just one reason businesses are choosing Peerless.

  • Zero-touch provisioning

    Each edge device is provisioned and configured automatically. No complicated deployment or installation of equipment.

  • Control costs

    The efficiency of fewer devices allows you to better control both operating and capital expenditures while integrating scalable connectivity options such as broadband and Internet into your network.