Zeengl is an agnostic cloud-based platform that gives real-time visibility of your wireless network health and performance.

Managed Services / Wireless Network

- 24/7/365support
- Fully bilingual service
- 2NOCS / Nearshore
- 400employees
- End-to-end wireless solutions (Presales/ Equipmentfinancing/ Staging, Kitting, and
Installation/ Management)
- Experience: Banking–Retail–Telecommunications

BPO / Centers of Excellence

- Business process outsourcing for technical and operational needs.
- We specialize in the process so deep that we create centers of excellence.
- Project Management -Sales Support -Technical Support – Customization.

IoT / Custom Made Solutions

- White-label IoT Lab/Co-Creation
- Data capture from machinery or equipment for Cost reduction, efficiencies, or business building
- POC for a fraction of the cost
- Scale–IoT Network