World-class technology services

LinkAmerica is a technology company with more than 28 years of experience. We offer our customers high-value and high-impact end-to-end solutions along with customized integrations, so you can focus on what you do best. We drive innovation, collaboration, and value co-creation to transform complex advanced technologies into functional solutions that increase business effectiveness and create the best customer experience.

Top Features

  • Zeengl

    Zeengl is an agnostic cloud-based platform that gives real-time visibility of your wireless network health and performance.

  • IoT / Custom Made Solutions

    Through our White Label IoT Lab, we would help you capture data from machinery or equipment to improve decision making, cost reduction, efficiencies, or even if you are interested in business building.

  • Managed Services / Wireless Network

    We align talent, cutting-edge tools, and top-level processes to help you achieve operational efficiencies and manage your wireless network effectively.

  • BPO / Centers of Excellence

    We specialize in your company´s processes creating centers of excellence that will help you achieve real operational efficiencies.