Microsoft NCE Defender for Cloud Apps

Comprehensive SaaS security

Enhance security by taking control of your cloud environment

Microsoft NCE Defender for Cloud Apps helps modernize how you secure your apps, protect your data, and elevate your app posture with software-as-a-service (SaaS) security. You get full visibility of your SaaS app landscape. It includes additional capabilities that extend beyond the traditional cloud access security broker (CASB) scope to strengthen app posture and protect against malicious cloud apps. Ensure holistic coverage for your apps by combining SaaS security posture management, data loss prevention, app-to-app protection, and integrated threat protection.

Starting at $3.50 /Month

Top Features

  • Get full visibility of your SaaS apps

    Discover, control, and configure apps to ensure employees are using trusted and compliant applications.

  • Protect the data in all your SaaS apps

    Classify and protect sensitive information at rest, in use, and in motion. Enable your employees to safely access and view files in apps.

  • Control how apps interact with each other

    Gain insight into privileges, permissions, and apps that are accessing sensitive data on behalf of another application.

  • Defend against advanced attacks using app signals

    Defend against sophisticated attacks using app signals as part of your advanced hunting in Microsoft 365 Defender. The scenario-based detections will enable your security operations center (SOC) to hunt across the entire kill chain.


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