LiveVox Omnichannel CCaaS/Customer Engagement Platform

Next-Gen contact center platform


Enable your agents — whether on-site or remote — to easily take and make calls while also maximizing productivity, providing great customer experiences, mitigating compliance risk, and enhancing your lead generation capabilities.


LiveVox’s SMS solution is fully integrated with a native AI-enabled bot and built with the latest TCPA, CTIA, and other consumer regulations in mind.


LiveVox integrates email into your existing customer engagement strategies and is built with key CAN-SPAM opt-out conditions and customer preference management capabilities.


LiveVox’s Webchat functionality is fully integrated into the platform, enabling a seamless application from your website to other communication channels so agents can work more efficiently.


Automate with ease using eLVee, a native AI-enabled chatbot solution for the web and SMS.

Virtual Agents

LiveVox makes it easy to incorporate Virtual Agents with AI that mimics live agent interactions for advanced automation that is intelligent, personalized, and natural.

Outbound Campaign Management

Plan and execute sophisticated outbound campaigns with one point of control for contact lists, cadences, channel rotation, and analytics.

Human Text Initiator

LiveVox provides the ability for agents to send manual SMS messages at scale by clicking individual numbers and using predetermined templates.

Attempt Supervisor

Take compliance one step further with the Attempt Supervisor. Giving you the ability to configure complex multichannel contact attempt controls—voice, email, and SMS—across your in-house and outsourced operations.