APX Net SD-Internet

Always on connection single sites

Your constant connection to the internet and cloud

APX Net SD-Internet, or Software-Defined Internet, is a game-changing, next-generation managed network service that delivers superior Internet reliability and performance, so your business stays up and running 24/7/365. Our SD-Internet is ideal for single-location businesses that want an always-on connection to the Internet and critical cloud applications. We protect your business from unexpected interruptions by detecting your network and application needs and adapting in real-time. We deploy an SD-Internet appliance at your business location and connect it to two diverse internet connections. The appliance routes traffic dynamically across connections, so your network never goes down.

Top Features

  • Optimal reliability

    Our architecture is fully redundant with automatic failover, so 100% of your cloud and Internet traffic is protected.

  • Network flexibility

    With APX Net SD-Internet, you have the option to add, diversify and aggregate bandwidth using any local Internet service provider (ISP).

  • Traffic prioritization

    Our SD-Internet appliance prioritizes your mission-critical traffic moving in and out of your business network.

  • Load balancing

    Our solution constantly monitors each circuit and adapts in real-time to performance issues before they impact your business.

  • Cloud productivity

    We prioritize traffic to cloud services and manage connections end-to-end to ensure low latency access to your cloud applications.

  • Visibility & reporting

    Our web dashboard and reports offer network visibility for evaluating performance, including bandwidth demand and resolving issues.

  • Fewer support calls

    With APX Net SD-Internet, calls to your support center from employees and customers reporting Internet downtime will be drastically reduced.