Reliable, no-hassle natural gas or electric for your business

Energy costs are usually a significant expense for most businesses, commercial property owners, and managers. Businesses that are able to control their expenses and manage their budgets are generally more successful. At ASC Energy Services, our clients range from small business owners, restaurants, and laundromats to managers of large complexes. We’ve built a trust to help them manage these expenses. Switching to ASC Energy is seamless. The process is completely transparent – you don’t even need to call your utility. You’ll receive the same bill (the utility will pay us). There will be no interruption of service, and if any emergencies arise, (if you smell gas, for example) you can still call your utility company.

Features & Benefits

  • Variable Rate

    Variable-rate plans run month to month, with no long term contract or cancellation fee. The rate you pay per kWh/therm can vary from month to month. Your rate can go up or down based on the market. Variable plans allow customers to benefit from falling market prices, but they also have an increased risk for higher rates if commodity prices spike due to various factors like natural disasters, cold winters, or adverse market conditions.

  • Fixed Price — Budget Certainty

    If you like price certainty then a fixed price is what you’re looking for to manage your budget. Risk-averse clients often prefer to lock in the commodity cost for pricing stability. Our fixed price programs for both electric and natural gas achieve these objectives.

  • NYMEX Plus Basis — Manage Costs

    A NYMEX Plus Basis plan combines a variable rate and fixed-rate plan. It allows you to take advantage of market conditions while locking in the commodity transportation costs. This plan is similar to a variable rate plan in that the price per therm can go up or down each month, but the commodity transportation costs remain the same.

  • Variable Rate with Price Lock — Market Conditions

    If you think market conditions favor price decreases, think about choosing our variable-rate plan. The variable rate plan is subject to current market conditions and you may add the “Price Lock Guarantee” if you choose. The Price Lock Guarantee feature allows you to switch to a fixed-rate plan, should market conditions increase. Ask about this feature when you enroll.