Money for pumps, operational savings and visibility

Polaris is the leader in connecting agricultural customers with energy market incentives and revenue that automate irrigation control and provide operational savings and visibility. The company manages a network of 500+ irrigation and water conveyance pumps--connected in the field to Polaris Pump Automation Controllers (PAC) and third-party systems, representing 75 MW of peak load that can be shifted when the grid is stressed. California is paying irrigators to shift electricity use, from occasional changes during grid emergencies to smart scheduling every week for greater incentives and savings.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated demand response

    Utilities pay significant up-front incentives for automation projects using Polaris' controller and software or technology from leading vendors and even home-grown systems. Polaris sponsors the project and manages the whole process from determining how much a project can receive through installation to testing and getting the check sent.

  • Demand response

    DR Programs compensate growers for occasional changes to irrigation schedules. Increased payments, improved terms, and new programs enable greater flexibility and are a fit for more pumps and more operations. Polaris manages participation to maximize payments with as little effort and impact on schedules as possible.

  • Time of use

    Polaris tracks usage and costs for every pump and helps Ag energy schedule pumping operations to deliver the water they need as inexpensively as possible, with or without Demand Response participation.