Flexible energy solutions and highly competitive pricing

Hudson Energy is one of the largest and fastest-growing business-to-business suppliers of electricity, natural gas, and green energy solutions in North America. Large and small business owners alike look to Hudson Energy to provide reliability and certainty for their energy purchases in a volatile energy market. We have been serving commercial and residential customers since 2002. Working with many partners and multiple sales channels, we believe that customers should have access to independent, professional energy advisors equipped with the industry knowledge and experience to help business owners make the most informed decisions.

Features & Benefits

  • Fixed-Rate

    Fixed supply rate- your supply rate is fixed throughout the term of your contract. Consistent pay rate for your supply, even if commodity rates change. Ability to budget your long-term commodity supply costs more effectively.

  • Variable Rate

    Your rate is determined by the local market rate and varies from month to month as energy prices fluctuate. Enjoy lower rates when wholesale market prices are down. Lock in your supply rate anytime if market prices start to increase.

  • Mixed/Hybrid*

    A portion of your energy consumption is locked in at a fixed rate, while the remainder is based on an index rate. Opportunity to benefit from lower rates when wholesale market prices are down. The hedged strategy reduces your exposure to market price volatility.