We are changing the way you look at your energy bill

Genie Energy is an end-to-end provider of residential and commercial energy services. We supply traditional and renewable/sustainable electricity, including community solar; and natural gas, including clean energy, and carbon offset solutions – in deregulated energy markets worldwide. In the US, we provide commercial and industrial clients with energy advisory and brokerage services – as well as innovative solar solutions and solar panels — designed and manufactured in the USA. Having helped hundreds of thousands of customers with energy supply choices since 2004, Genie Energy’s management team has over a hundred years' worth of combined experience in all aspects of the energy supply chain.

Features & Benefits

  • Retail

    Procures and supplies electricity and natural gas to residential and commercial customers in the US and offers Community Solar programs that guarantee savings.

  • Services

    Provides end-to-end energy advisory, brokerage, LED, and sustainable solar energy generation services for commercial and industrial clients.

  • International

    Procures and supplies energy to residential and commercial customers outside of the United States.