We are changing the way you look at your energy bill

Genie Energy is an end-to-end provider of residential and commercial energy services. We supply traditional and renewable/sustainable electricity, including community solar; and natural gas, including clean energy, and carbon offset solutions – in deregulated energy markets worldwide. In the US, we provide commercial and industrial clients with energy advisory and brokerage services – as well as innovative solar solutions and solar panels — designed and manufactured in the USA. Having helped hundreds of thousands of customers with energy supply choices since 2004, Genie Energy’s management team has over a hundred years' worth of combined experience in all aspects of the energy supply chain.

Features & Benefits

  • Renewable Solutions

    Our community solar programs guarantee savings. Commercial enterprises leverage on-site solar generation to lower energy costs, reduce price volatility & tax optimization & may take advantage of vertical integration of our existing solar capabilities with the ability to acquire & own power-generating solar assets.

  • Retail

    Small, medium and large businesses alike rely on Genie companies for green electricity supply, carbon offset natural gas, conventionally sourced electricity and natural gas supply, incentives and rebates, and end-to-end energy advisory services.