We share the spark that keeps your days bright!

Enjoy cost-controlled utility

  • Running your home appliances every day can result in a significant utility bill increase. But no need to worry about it anymore.

Freeze your food and bills!

  • With SFE fixed-rate retail electricity plans, you can budget your home electricity cost better and keep your food and monthly bills frozen for the long term!

Go a little green, but not with envy!

  • We won’t say the same to your neighbors unless they come on board too!

There are many more reasons to enroll with SFE Energy

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Hassle-free billing on your utility bill
  • Unbeatable customer service

Natural Gas

Securing your natural gas rate with SFE Energy to heat your home is a smart choice. It’s easy! Your local utility will continue to deliver your natural gas, and your new SFE Energy Natural Gas Program will be conveniently integrated on your existing utility bill.

Stay warm and cozy

  • No more feeling the chills on seeing your monthly natural gas bills. With SFE, protect you and your family from energy price fluctuations all year round. Keep your bills under control and enjoy the warmth of your home every day.

Keep it predictable

  • Unpredictable natural gas prices are an ongoing struggle for thousands of Americans. With SFE Energy’s fixed-rate natural gas plans, you can now anticipate your bills and manage your monthly utility budget better.

Halfway there?

  • Like the idea of having control over your natural gas charges but not sure of the next step? We hear you! SFE Energy will bring our services to your doorstep just a few clicks away. Enjoy better predictability on your bills with SFE Energy.