Shell Energy

A better way to power your business

100% Renewable Electricity plans

Imagine if you could ensure your energy came only from sustainable sources. And then imagine the impact this could have if an entire city made the same choice. Our 100% Renewable Energy Plan is helping to turn this potential into a reality - all with smarter plans, competitive rates, and in just a few clicks of a button. Imagine that.

Solar Buyback plans

  • Solar power is a great source of renewable energy. If you have - or if you're thinking about - solar panels, then you know what a difference selling back excess power can make to your future electricity bills. When you sign up with our Solar Buyback plans, we can help you maximize your energy usage when you power your home.

Electric Vehicle Charging plans

  • Despite the continued growth of electric vehicle (EV) networks across the country, most drivers do more than 80% of their charging at home. However, without the competitive rates offered on our renewable energy plan, your EV purchase may not be making the environmental impact you had initially hoped.
  • Introducing our Electric Vehicle Charging plans, which gives residential customers like you free charging during specific off-peak hours, a fixed energy rate to avoid unexpected price fluctuations, and access to our first-class customer service.