Launch, measure, and automate phishing testing & security training

Hook Security is a psychological and behavioral science startup designed to help companies establish policies for email and provide on-demand fake social engineering cyber attacks on employees with micro-learning and training. They provide full-service security awareness training that creates a positive and healthy security culture for the company, mitigating risk while entertaining employees. They offer effective Security Awareness Training that people actually want and enjoy. They are channel-only, providing phishing testing and training exclusively through partners.

Starting at $4,188.00

Top Features

  • Marketing & Sales Support

    They provide partners with sales enablement collateral, marketing resources, deal registration, and dedicated ongoing support.

  • Partner Certification

    They provide short yet powerful partner training that prepares you to go to market with Hook Security.

  • Recurring Revenue

    Service bills monthly, allowing you to grow monthly recurring revenue.

  • Done-For-You Training

    Security awareness training is full-service, meaning they test, train, and report for you.

  • Provisioning

    They work with you to authorize testing, whitelist and gather a user list.

  • Reporting & Feedback

    Deliver your results securely and provide contextual feedback on results and trends.

  • Testing & Training

    They deliver a phishing test based on modern tactics and provide short, relevant, and entertaining training.


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