RapidFire Tools Network Detective Pro

#1 IT assessment solution for MSPs

Measure risk with automated network scanning tools

RapidFire Tools Network Detective Pro is an IT assessment solution that identifies risks and issues, scores their severity and presents them in actionable dashboards and dynamic reports. It elevates your network management capabilities by providing an advanced platform for comprehensive network analysis and risk assessments. Network Detective Pro goes beyond traditional IT assessments by offering automated, real-time data collection and analysis across various network environments.

Starting at $499.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Improve issue discovery with automated network scanning

    Ensure the integrity of your systems with automated data collectors. Network Detective Pro uses non-intrusive data collectors, light-weight discovery agents, and powerful scanners to identify risks quickly.

  • Show value with executive and technical reporting

    Gain insights with automated reports. From technical reports for documentation and troubleshooting, to high level summaries for executive presentations. Demonstrate your value to any IT stakeholder.

  • Respond to incidents and troubleshoot with speed

    Reduce risk efficiently with detailed management plans and remediation guidance that scores network threats and issues based on severity. Customize which IT issues are reported and the importance that they are given in an assessment.


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