Harden the networks you manage & protect against evolving threats

Tailored for MSPs and in-house IT pros, RapidFire Tools VulScan is purpose-built for comprehensive vulnerability management. With features for internal and external scans, it offers an optional portable scanner for on-the-go ad hoc scans without extra licenses. The pricing model ensures accessibility, removing cost barriers and allowing unlimited scans at your convenience. Aligning with industry best practices, VulScan emphasizes ongoing vulnerability management's importance in the cyber landscape. In today's cybersecurity era, regular network vulnerability scanning is not just recommended but considered an essential layer of protection for networks of any size.

Starting at $499.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service (V-MaaS)

    If you’re an MSP or MSSP, VulScan’s unique licensing model puts you in a position to start offering Vulnerability Management as a service with recurring revenue. Every client is exposed to cyber threats, regardless of size. We’ve done the hard work to define a portfolio of profitable vulnerability management services that are scaled and priced to meet the needs of every client, from micro-businesses all the way up to corporate giants.

  • Uses for MSPs and IT Pros

    VulScan goes beyond basic vulnerability scanning. It helps MSPs develop new revenue streams, and helps internal IT professionals improve security without breaking the budget. Create revenue opportunities and/or justify your IT spending by adding vulnerability scanning to your IT security routine. Stay “front and center” with your network security program by providing monthly updates to your clients or executive team.


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