SilverSky Cybraics

Managed service security provider partner

We focus on keeping you secure

For more than 20 years, SilverSky has partnered with thousands of customers across multiple industries to deliver highly effective cybersecurity solutions. Clients approach us for many reasons. Some need help managing their transition to cloud email and collaboration tools. Others turn to us in the wake of a cyber attack or when facing compliance challenges. Yet, some realize they can no longer secure their data and support their organization with their in-house security team. Regardless of how a customer comes to us, we work tirelessly to safeguard their environment, users, and most sensitive data.

Top Features

  • Flexibility

    Offering several managed security modules and a comprehensive set of cybersecurity advisory services to fulfil your cybersecurity needs and journey.

  • Affordable

    Providing predictable and affordable pricing to meet the budget of any size organization without customized SOWs or fluctuations based on volume.

  • Transparency

    We tell you what we can and can not do, providing you with in-depth case explanations. You're in control. You retain full access to our platform, and all logs, alerts, and reports regardless of your service.


Additional Information