AI, connectivity, & IoT solutions

Safer smarter & more connected

We are EPIC iO. We’re an international, technology-focused company providing the most innovative AI, connectivity, and IoT solutions for the public and private sectors. We bring together software-enabled offerings for unbreakable connectivity solutions, more value from AI and IoT investments, and improved business outcomes. We provide software-focused technology that leverages AIoT solutions to help businesses become safer, smarter, and more connected. We also streamline IoT connectivity network solutions to connect IoT points including video, sensors, routers, and gateways.

Top Features

  • AI video analytics

    Connect your existing or new cameras to our edge computing device to start gathering highly accurate AI video analytics for real-time alerts and insights.

  • Visualization and reports

    Visualize all your data in a web-based platform and receive real-time alerts on critical events you care about.

  • Edge sensors and IoT data

    We provide a 200-plus IoT sensor catalog to monitor your environment's health and safety.