Shell Energy Natural Gas

Renewable and low-carbon energy

A better energy future is within your reach

Shell Energy is a public-facing brand encompassing the customer-facing elements under which we market wholesale and retail power, natural gas and environmental products, demand response, asset management, and energy solutions. We are a leader across the value chain – from generation, trading, and supply, to behind-the-meter solutions. Shell Energy is your guide, making it easier to manage day-to-day energy needs while increasing efficiency, managing costs, and addressing your decarbonization goals. We have the resources and vision to meet the evolving energy needs of customers today and tomorrow, working towards a better energy future.

Features & Benefits

  • Renewable and energy solutions

    Shell is working to provide more renewable and low-carbon energy options for customers through investments in wind, solar, electric vehicle charging, hydrogen, and more.

  • Mobility

    Shell Mobility's mission is to make life’s journeys better – by providing an evolving range of quality fuels, a welcoming and comfortable break, or a retail experience that offers customers convenience, quality, and choice.

  • Digitalization in energy

    Digitalization is transforming the energy industry, by improving efficiency and safety as well as facilitating the use of renewable energy.