Innovative technologies, flexible methods, and creative people: P3 creates the highest customer satisfaction.

Electric mobility

  • Electric vehicles or business models for charging infrastructure, we are there.

Electric powertrain

  • P3 advises in the field of electric powertrain development, strategically, processual, and operationally, from OEM to supplier. P3 electrifies on three levels.

Mobility innovations

  • We maximize customer enthusiasm The expectations of your users are derived from their experiences with consumer electronics and cloud services. These are translated into expectations for current and future digital services and mobility services in the vicinity of vehicles. Only exciting and value-added services can be monetized.

Android automotive

  • We bring the digital services ecosystem of your customers into the vehicle The expectation of the customers for a networked infotainment system today is clearly the possibility to use their familiar digital service ecosystem in the vehicle. With Android Automotive you can do this as easily as never before.

Autonomous driving

  • Autonomous driving will fundamentally change our lives and travel as we know it today, P3 sets the course for a whole new world.


Electric vehicles or business models for charging infrastructure, we are there. P3 sets the course for a whole new world.

Charging infrastructure

  • P3 supports development & delivery. Without it, there is no way: the charging infrastructure is the nervous system of e-mobility, a market with great potential and even greater challenges. Barely in existence ten years ago, the field is currently being approached and built up from all sides. Car manufacturers are just as involved as energy suppliers, mineral oil companies, gas station operators, and the public sector. Even insurance companies and banks have to deal with it – with a market that is still quite intransparent and where standards and technologies are developing at a great pace every day.

Battery technology

  • From raw materials to cell design, from supplier to module strategy, we are leaders in battery technology consulting.

P3 has extensive competencies in the field of battery technologies:

  • From raw materials to installable batteries. With a team of more than 10 chemists and years of experience, we have in-depth knowledge in cell manufacturing and have the ability to develop and produce prototypical special cells. Our customers benefit from this in development projects.
  • At the strategic level, we provide advice on the supply of suppliers and raw materials along the supply chain. For example, customers rely on our studies on raw material availability or develop raw material alternatives with us in the context of optimizing cell chemistry. Through cell cost benchmarks and P3’s own cost development forecast tools, our customers know in which cost frame cell production has to be realized.


Electric vehicles or business models for charging infrastructure, we are there. P3 sets the course for a whole new world.

Agile transformation

  • At P3, you can purchase agile thinking on a project basis or start the transformation right away in your own company. If you wish, we will accompany you from the beginning and work out the solutions for your challenge together – on team level or company-wide.

Cost management

  • We view cost management as a differentiated and integrated discipline. Therefore, technology experts and cost managers work hand in hand. Our proven method set is based on 15 years of project experience.

Organizational development

  • Efficient organizations are flexible, adaptable, and achieve first-class results. We navigate our clients through organizational change processes and create performance-oriented organizational units that are up to the challenges of today and tomorrow. It is essential to be able to identify and proactively exploit emerging opportunities in order to ensure long-term competitiveness.

Quality management

  • For almost 25 years we have been one of the leading consultancies in quality management for industrial companies. With digitalization, there is a change in value chains, processes in companies up to complete business models.


  • We offer our customers sustainability solutions taking into account the three dimensions of economy, ecology, and social responsibility.

Systems engineering

  • P3 provides the transfer from systems engineering theory to the practical implementation of developing organizations.


Electric vehicles or business models for charging infrastructure, we are there. P3 sets the course for a whole new world.

Communication management

  • At the communication loft of P3 analysts, strategists, engineers and creative minds gather together with their accumulated expertise – we not only offer basic communication packages, we combine factual and long-term experience in exactly these domains. We are neither a classic advertising agency nor a normal consultancy. The fact that we operate between these two well-established fields makes us unique: Unique in the way we think, implement and communicate things on point.

Learning experience

  • Creating learning experiences
  • Many organizations see their employees as their most important asset
  • Customer- and demand-oriented development of training formats

Rollout management

  • The aim of companies in the development and distribution of products in order to generate profit. For this purpose, it usually requires people, material means of production, IT systems, and processes. The task of rollout management is to successfully transfer a product, a process, or an IT system in a business to the masses in a controlled manner.


  • For us, leadership means enabling people and organizations to achieve the best possible outcomes and increase the value of the company. In this context, it is particularly necessary to lead oneself first.