When power is a priority, insist on Instant On

Public safety power shutoffs, blackouts, and outages impact everyone. Communities need efficient, connected, smart, and flexible power grids now. Instant ON facilitates the integration and distribution of smart Microgrid and Nanogrid tech, providing timely solutions. To keep the power on, IO partners with cities, housing developments, commercial and industrial buildings, solar PV installers, & energy service companies. The needs of our new decade go beyond old sustainability paradigms. While changing policies and regulations have created a tremendous learning curve for others, IO simplifies the industry by providing the replicable framework for island able distributed energy integrations of affordable, resilient, and equitable solutions.

Features & Benefits

  • Mobile Batteries & Generators

    As businesses and communities can no longer afford to rely solely on utilities, the need for mobile microgrids has never been greater. Instant ON can keep your power on, without harming the environment.

  • Microgrids

    IO designs, builds, aggregates, and commissions advanced Demand Response Enabled Microgrid Solutions, paired with on-site energy generation, for qualified Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal customers in California and beyond.

  • Energy as a Service (EaaS)

    EaaS customers have no upfront capital expenses, no risk, and will not have to worry about operation or maintenance issues that would otherwise come along with owning a complex energy system. Enjoy a predictable, long-term contract for energy that provides cost-effective, resilient, sustainable power.