energyware LED Lighting

A better energy future

Bright Future

LED lights in the classroom have a positive impact on the brain and body. Exactly what a student needs to perform well.

Student Performance

  • A rapidly growing body of evidence of the harmful impacts of non-LED lights is impelling schools around the country to rethink and reinvest in the proper classroom and campus lighting. LED lights cut down on eye strain, help enhance cognitive focus, and most importantly, significantly reduce the impact on the Circadian Rhythm.

Take it Outside

City illumination with LED Smart Technology will help anyone feel safe exercising outdoors.

Municipal Lights

  • The new generation of homebuyers and professionals are looking for more quality-of-life perks in the communities they choose to live in and raise their families in. Your city can stay at the top of its list if your city lights enhance the outdoor living experience.

Travel Light

With LED lighting, travelers feel safe enough to open a book and travel through their imagination.


  • Safety has skyrocketed to new heights when it comes to travel. The very first step in travel safety is proper lighting, in both interior and exterior spaces. LED IoT smart lighting continues to assist airports to enhance the quality of their emergency response plans and overall pedestrian safety.

Work Later

Working on a deadline stinks when you’re afraid to leave the office late. LED lighting helps you overcome that fear.

Parking Garages

  • The dreadful fear of walking into the chilling echo of an empty parking garage after-hours is not an uncommon experience. It has become the quintessential stage for all too many Hollywood suspense movies. In real life, people feel safer when parking garages have predictably good lighting. With LED lights, no more will a late night at the office turn into a scene from a movie.

Care More

Nothing worse than getting medical attention with depressing lighting. LED lights create safe and positive environments.


  • Blue light waves in traditional bulbs confuse your inner clock and keep you up when you should be getting to sleep. When it comes to overall health sleep cannot be overstated. In a hospital setting, where good rest often plays a vital role in the speed of recovery, LED lights significantly cut down on blue light waves, letting your body do its natural thing…sleep.

Be Moody

BE MOODY! The versatility of LED color variation can create the perfect mood.


  • Restaurants and Retails spaces not only save money. Studies have proven that the right lighting can have a positive impact on the brain and body. Simply put, better lighting equals better dining and shopping.