energyware LED Lighting

A better energy future

Lighting the way forward to a more connected community

energyware is an energy efficiency/generation, smart technology design, engineering, manufacturing, & installation company with customers in over 30 states nationwide. We are uniquely positioned to reduce overall investment while maintaining best-in-breed technology along with a highly trained & motivated workforce. We provide LED lighting services considering all of the factors that will be at play within the space when designing the lighting plan. We maximize the impact of the new lighting system while maintaining the highest level of energy efficiency. We also optimize the productivity of those who are working/ living in the space and minimize the impact that artificial light will have on the health of the people within the space.

Features & Benefits

  • Bright future

    LED lights in the classroom have a positive impact on the brain and body. Exactly what a student needs to perform well.

  • Work later

    Working on a deadline stinks when you’re afraid to leave the office late. LED lighting helps you overcome that fear.

  • Travel light

    With LED lighting, travelers feel safe enough to open a book and travel through their imagination.

  • Take it outside

    City illumination with LED Smart Technology will help anyone feel safe exercising outdoors.

  • Care more

    Nothing worse than getting medical attention with depressing lighting. LED lights create safe and positive environments.

  • Be moody

    The versatility of LED color variation can create the perfect mood.