A revolutionary cost-saving device

UPTURN Technologies develops effective and unique technological advancements for businesses across the globe. Our pioneering solutions resolve inefficiency, optimizing systems and revenue. Each solution is carefully researched and produced for industry-leading improvement. Proudly, exactwater is one of the very best of these advancements — conservation and cost-cutting efficiency!

Top Features

  • Minimizes Air Volume

    Condense air inside the water to stop meter overcharging every day.

  • Eliminates Turbulence

    Smooth the motions within water columns so a steady flow rate can be achieved.

  • Regulates Flow Rate

    Prevent surging and suction due to utility system malfunctions and fluctuations.

  • Controllable Water Pressure

    Easily and precisely set the water pressure allowed to pass through the user’s system.

  • Conserves Water

    For the first time ever—random and wild water use becomes controlled by exactwater.