Smartel Failover Wireless Internet Circuit

Reliable, low cost business continuity


Smartel Failover Wireless Internet Circuit is a wireless broadband service that provides real-time data monitoring for devices, and adjusting M2M plans. M2M technologies allow wireless and wired systems to communicate with devices of the same type. We help your business run more efficiently and cost-effectively by eliminating the difficulty of managing M2M connections. The costs of M2M plans are extremely volatile from month to month. This is a result of costly overages from heavy data usage spikes and mismanagement of data pools. We offer a unique way to control the rapidly changing cost of these solutions. Our advanced software offers real-time device data monitoring and proactive M2M plan adjustments, eliminating costly overages.

Top Features

  • Point-of-sale failover

  • Video security


  • Vending machines

  • GPS

  • ATM machines

  • Fleet management

  • Utility meters

  • Plant floor communication

  • Wearable technology in healthcare

Must-Have Features


When the main circuit goes down (construction, outage, etc.), the business needs immediate failover on a different platform for business continuity.