A carrier-class network and cloud infrastructure

Exponential-e helps organisations digitally transform & grow with innovative IT, cloud & communications services. The foundation of our business is our carrier-class fiber network, with a high-capacity Ethernet core built & developed over the last 18 years. It is this network that underpins the services we deliver, providing solid foundations for corporate networks, coverage for over 90% of UK businesses & the investments in security & hardware needed to power their services. Since Exponential-e’s foundation, our focus has been to deliver the best customer service in the UK. We’re proud to offer a historic overview of how we achieved our current quality of service & customer satisfaction level of 96%, including our live net promoter score.

Top Features

  • A superfast, super-secure network

    With Layer 2 VPLS technology, superfast SD-WAN and points of presence across the UK and internationally, our privately-owned, business-exclusive Network gives you maximum control, security and coverage - with minimum lag and downtime.

  • An industry-leading net promoter score

    With round-the-clock support for more than 3,000 customers, we are committed to our role as a trusted technology partner and the highest standard of customer service, as reflected by our Net Promoter Score - live and updated in real-time.

  • A cloud for every customer

    When it comes to Cloud, one size doesn’t fit all. Whether you’re after a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud, we’ve got you covered - and whatever your Cloud estate consists of, our Cloud Management Platform will give you the tools to manage it.