Innovative managed IT & cybersecurity

Driving your organization’s path to IT success

DYOPATH, a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) was founded to empower organizations by delivering trusted IT solutions that are grounded in accountability, resulting in exceptional customer service. With locations in Houston, TX, and Chicago, IL, we help our clients focus on what they do best by providing unparalleled support and services. We help organizations across all industries manage their risk, technology, and people more effectively with an unparalleled delivery of exceptional customer service.

Top Features

  • Trusted

    Our clients feel confident placing their trust in our proven track record, as we have supported some of the nation’s most critical infrastructures.

  • Client-centric

    We prioritize creating positive client experiences, believing whole-heartedly that our clients come first, and that exceptional customer service is fundamental.

  • Authoritative

    With expertise in the managed service provider and security landscapes, including high ranking security clearance levels, we are the perfect IT partner for vertical markets such as commercial, government, education, energy and more.