TurnKey Solutions

Data-centric test automation

SaaS-based autonomous testing & production data quality solutions

TurnKey Solutions provides SaaS-delivered, data-centric autonomous testing and production data quality solutions for the major ERP/CRM/HCM applications including Workday, Oracle EBS and Cloud Applications, SAP ECC 6, SAP S/4HANA, Salesforce, and more. Through our industry-leading cloud platform RainierAEV™, we offer solutions suites that include pre-built test automation, production data mining+analytics, automatic test creation, and custom reporting unique to the needs of each enterprise system. RainierAEV™ also supports the testing of third-party software and custom-developed apps and is specifically designed to perform cross-application, end-to-end testing, and production data validation at the enterprise scale.

Top Features

  • Pre-built Autonomous Testing Solutions for Enterprise Applications

    TurnKey’s RainierAEV™ platform offers multiple pre-built autonomous testing solutions specifically engineered for the unique needs of the most popular Enterprise ERP/CRM/HCM systems.

  • Enhancing the Capabilities of Micro Focus (Formerly HP) ALM and UFT

    RainierAEV™ fully integrates with Micro Focus ALM, allowing users of the Micro Focus platform to leverage RainierAEV™ to execute tests, view results, and manage both requirements and defects thru ALM seamlessly.

  • Testing as a Service (TaaS)

    Leave your testing work to the experts, get control of your schedule again, and save money all at the same time. With any of TurnKey’s TOTAL TaaSTM packages, you offload your testing work to experienced, RainierAEV-certified resources that work to your schedules and deliverables. With both on and off-shore options available, you can choose the solution that best fits your needs and budget.

  • Machine Learning and Data-centric Testing for Selenium

    By adding RainierAEV™ and cFactory™ to your Selenium test automation, you can speed up creating and maintaining your tests by an order of magnitude, while simultaneously turning test execution into a fully autonomous affair. Add in Data-Centric analysis, automatic test case creation, and enhanced customizable reporting, and you have a winning solution that generates impressive ROI.

  • Replacing Micro Focus ALM

    RainierAEV™ is the number 1 choice for companies looking to upgrade their test management and test automation capabilities from Micro Focus ALM.