Create frictionless registration and login for your apps

Difficulty with signups, logins, and password recovery causes nearly three-quarters of customers to bail. At the same time, you’re under pressure to keep your users secure, but they hate friction. The truth is, building Identity is hard. What’s behind that tiny login box is super complicated, and really easy to mess up. Okta has a simple solution to this predicament. We’ve made identity into a service you simply embed. We take on the burden of auth security, so you don’t have to. Okta Customer Identity gives support to your most important customer-facing initiatives. You can create secure, delightful experiences quickly by offloading customer identity management to Okta.

Starting at $48,000.00

Top Features

  • Transform into a Digital Platform

    Secure your transition into the API economy

  • Cultivate User Trust

    Secure customer accounts and keep attackers at bay

  • Modernize Infrastructure

    Retire legacy identity and scale app development

  • Build Highly Scalable Apps

    Delight customers with secure, scalable experiences

  • Secure Access to APIs

    Create, apply, and adapt API authorization policies

  • Protect Against Account Takeover

    Thwart fraudsters with secure customer logins

  • Integrate Apps

    Create a seamless experience across apps and portals


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