Astound Wavelength

Strategically meshed, high-performance network

Point-to-point fiber delivering optical performance up to 100 Gbps

When you add the growing internal and external demands for ever-present security threats, your network is challenged to keep up. Plus, you are now tasked to achieve and maintain maximum high-speed, end-to-end connectivity, while also guaranteeing security, reliability, and consistency. In short, you need to maximize the usefulness of your fiber network. Astound Business Solutions offers Wavelength, a strategically meshed, high-performance network that produces unsurpassed connectivity with elegant simplicity. It is the technology of choice for transporting large amounts of data between sites. Our service is a facilities-based network delivering proven optical performance that links high-traffic locations with key data centers and fiber-fed access points for seamless connections.

Is Wavelength for You?
Our Wavelength solution increases bandwidth by allowing different data streams to be sent simultaneously over a single optical fiber network. It is a high speed, low latency network that will support the most advanced and demanding applications. This transport solution is ideally suited for dedicated broadband transport connectivity without the capital and ongoing expenses associated with owning and operating a network infrastructure.
A truly flexible product offering, our Wavelength Services can accommodate your individual requirements while offering fast, secure and private end-to-end connectivity.
A fully dedicated connection allows you to simultaneously transmit a number of signals into a single fiber using different wavelengths, with up to 100 Gbps between your locations and our 100+ data centers across the United States.
We put you in control. You choose the specific route to create the shortest path for data to travel, which minimizes latency and increases the security of data. You’ll enjoy unlimited bandwidth and unmatched scalability, all backed by our standard service level assurance guarantees while being monitored and managed 24/7/365.

Top Features

  • Bandwidth

    Ensures 100% guaranteed throughput and optimal connectivity.

  • Scalability

    Allows rapid scale to meet growth or customer demand.

  • Flexibility

    Provides fast connections to numerous data centers.

  • Reliability

    Offers robust and redundant core network.