Vodafone Business

Technology and telecommunication services

Fixed Connectivity

Our network, portfolio, people, and processes help you keep up with a changing work environment by delivering the digital experiences your business needs and your customers want. You can connect through our range of wired, wireless, and cloud solutions and you can manage your network your way – through portals that offer online, real-time, self-serve change management. Our network is available in 184 countries so you can deliver the same great experience around the world.

Global network coverage

  • With networks in 184 countries, 800 data centers, and over 1 million km of fiber assets carrying 20% of the world’s traffic, you get high-quality connectivity wherever you need it.

Always-on connectivity

  • With 99.99% uptime, our network is always on, reducing downtime and improving access to data.

Breadth of fixed portfolio

  • We offer a range of different fixed connectivity solutions and managed services. Depending on where and how you like to work, we can provide everything you need.


  • We are doubling the capacity of our network year-on-year, so it can adapt as your business needs change and demands grow.

Vodafone Business Device Lifecycle Management (DLM)

Vodafone Business DLM sits at the heart of your business: an end-to-end managed service keeping your workforce connected with the right devices, wherever they are. Whether you’re providing for a dispersed workforce, moving to a hybrid work environment, or serving a full team in the office, our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution gives you the flexibility to adapt and scale your device management to ensure you’re catering to new ways of working. We will help you design, build, and manage your device estate all from one place.

Out-of-the-box experience

  • We make sure all your devices are built to your approved design, fully staged, and delivered to your employees ready to go.

One simple, user-friendly interface

  • Our self-serve platform gives you full visibility over your device estate, making it easy to order and manage devices and report back to the business.

Saves time and resources

  • As your single supplier, we consolidate your device needs with flexible payment options and downtime support, giving your IT teams more time for strategic business initiatives.

Supports new ways of working

  • Attract talent and empower employees to work at their best, with confidence that their devices are always protected to your company’s standards.

Vodafone Business IoT Solutions

Whatever industry you’re in, IoT technology has the power to transform your business. It can improve employee efficiency, deliver better customer experiences, and give you visibility of your supply chain, assets, and operations. At Vodafone Business, our mission is to help you simplify IoT. As a renowned leader in IoT technology, we offer a wide range of high-quality, secure end-to-end solutions and products designed to deliver real benefits and results for your business.

Extensive IoT coverage in the US and globally

  • We have the largest IoT connectivity network globally and combine coverage from Verizon, LRA, AT&T, and T-Mobile US cellular and rural operators across the US.

Breadth of capabilities that provide ultimate flexibility

  • From our IoT SIMS and connectivity to our Managed IoT Platform and data analytics service, we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your business.

IoT solutions for all industries

  • We’ve helped organizations across all industries—from healthcare to manufacturing, automotive to the public sector—along their IoT journeys.

Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise

In today’s world of rapid technological advancements and fast-growing mobile usage, new opportunities have opened up for finding the best way of working. Being able to perform business tasks on smartphones has become essential in driving productivity and giving employees the freedom to work anywhere. Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise allows your employees to communicate without constraints wherever they go, increasing performance, and engagement, and adding enormous value to your business.

Freedom to roam

  • With access to a global 4G and 5G mobile network, your teams in Europe can work quickly and effectively on-the-go.

Always on the right plan

  • Our unique self-optimizing plan across devices means you always get the best bundle based on usage.

Maximize data allowance

  • A simple monthly charge per user allows your employees to share data allowance between their devices.

Safe and secure

  • With our multi-layered security system, your devices are protected against malware and threats, even when in transit.