Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise

Worry-free roaming across Europe

Empower your employees with our flexible mobile tariff

In today’s world of rapid technological advancements, the ability to use smartphones for business tasks is now essential for boosting productivity & enabling flexible work.

Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise allows your employees to communicate without constraints wherever they go, increasing performance & engagement. With our “Take Your Home Tariff Abroad” feature, they can roam freely across Europe, Vodafone Global Network & the Global Network zones*. The tariff can be rolled out to your staff in multiple countries, with a consistent bill format simplifying cost administration & comparison & giving your business the confidence to embrace mobile ways of working.

* Please note there is a low daily access fee when roaming outside of Europe.

Top Features

  • Freedom to roam

    With access to a global 4G and 5G mobile network, your teams in Europe can work quickly and effectively on the go.

  • Always on the right plan

    Our unique self-optimizing plan across devices means you always get the best bundle based on your usage.

  • Maximize data allowance

    A simple monthly charge per user allows your employees to share data allowance between their devices.

  • Safe and secure

    With our multi-layered security system, your devices are protected against malware and threats, even when in transit.

Must-Have Features

Worry-free roaming across a global 4G network

Roaming with Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise is simple, providing excellent value in over 130 destinations worldwide.

Always on the right data plan

Using up all your data can be upsetting. So is paying for more than you need just to be safe. Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise is a unique self-optimizing plan.

Flexible, efficient options for each user group

No matter how employees use their device: voice and data, voice only or data only, our plans provide a cost-effective solution.

A partner you can trust

As the world's largest mobile service provider, it’s at the heart of everything we do. Our network, connections and services are extensive, reliable, and secure, supporting your business wherever you are or want to be.