Cyber Crucible

Ransomware protection, simplified

Provides highly-effective cyber risk mitigation capabilities

Cyber Crucible is a cybersecurity Software as a Service company that helps in removing the risk of data extortion from customer environments. This is accomplished via our patent-pending, highly resilient, easily-deployed behavioral analysis Windows software. Cyber Crucible endpoint software provides identity theft protection, data theft protection, and data loss (aka, ransomware encryption) protection. This aligns with the three primary behaviors driving ransomware extortion attacks. The company currently services clients in North America and Europe, in several industry verticals, ranging from micro-corporations to government, to $100 million+ revenue companies.

Top Features

  • Identity Theft

    Cyber Crucible's Credential Theft Prevention (CTP) behavioral analytics monitor web browsers, Active Directory, and user-specific credential stores for possible theft behavior.

  • Data Theft

    CyberCrucible's Data Loss Prevention (DLP) behavioral analysis detects the behavior of data thieves as soon as the first file is about to be stolen, even if the hacker is hiding in business-critical applications.

  • Data Denial

    CyberCrucible's resilient Ransomware Encryption Prevention (REP) software keeps the enterprise safe from downtime and malicious encryption, even in the most advanced attacks.