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Staying safe from attack - Security Products & Consultancy Services

Protecting a business against unwanted threats and attacks is critical.
With the advent of remote working, “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), and the adoption of cloud services, threats to a company can initiate from both outside or inside a business, or even from within your vendor environment. And it’s not only the big businesses that get hacked.
Within a digital world, with modern technology and sophisticated infiltration techniques, hackers and other bad actors can target companies with almost zero overhead, simultaneously, remotely, regardless of size or location.
But where do you start?
Security is a vast and complex subject which for many can be overwhelming. With limited budgets and in many cases limited expertise, the prospect of securing a business from all the possible vulnerabilities can seem monumental.
And for that reason, not only does SolEx offer a comprehensive range of services which address the security aspects around network, endpoints, people, compliance, training and 3rd party content, we also offer a range of packaged consultative services which help guide companies that are unsure of how to attack the security minefield to strategize, prioritize and implement budget conscious actions in order to mitigate security vulnerabilities.
• Strategy & Risk Services
• Network Security Services
• Endpoint Security & Identity Services
• Threat Detection & Response Services
• Cyber Security Architect Consultancy
• Cyber Posture Assessment Consultancy
• Virtual Chief Information Security Officer
• Incident Response Retainer
• Managed Vulnerability program
• Penetration Testing Service

Top Features

  • Strategy & Risk Services

    Program Assessments and Road-map, Training & Awareness, Risk Framework Governance Assessment & Remediation Compliance Review & Attestation, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Vulnerability Management Services, Penetration Testing, Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CSO) and Trusted Advisor, Cyber information Sharing, Threat Intelligence Collaboration

  • Network Security Services

    Network, Cloud and SD-WAN Security, Zero Trust Readiness Assessment, Global Security Gateway, Premise based firewalls, Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Defense, Content Delivery Network (CDN) Security, Network-based Firewalls

  • Endpoint Security & Identity Services

    Remote Administration, Identity Access Management (IAM) and Fraud Prevention, Endpoint Security, Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), Authentication and Verification Services

  • Threat Detection and Response Services

    SOC Threat Detection and Incident Response, Post Breach Investigations and Remediation, Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR), Unified Security Management (USM) services

  • Packaged Consultancy Services

    Cyber Posture Assessment, Virtual CISO, Managed Vulnerability Assessment, Cyber Archetect, Penetration Testing, Incident response