CallTower Microsoft Teams Solutions

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Transforming how you connect across the globe

CallTower was the first solution provider to deliver a Native Office 365 Microsoft Teams experience with global calling plans empowered by a 24/7/365 client services team. As a Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Partner, we provide personalized implementation, adoption, training, and support strategies. Our monitoring and management services ensure the highest quality user experience, bridging voice services into the Microsoft Cloud through Direct Routing. Addressing Microsoft Teams UCaaS feature gaps, our solutions unlock functionality not available elsewhere, empowering users to leverage preferred rates and maximize the Microsoft Phone System's potential.

Top Features

  • Microsoft Teams

    As a Microsoft Gold Partner providing cloud voice solutions, our monitoring and management services ensure the highest quality user experience. Globally, CallTower is one of few organizations certified to provide the voice with Microsoft Teams.

  • MS Teams Operator Connect

    Operators, such as CallTower, will provide technical support and manage the voice network and infrastructure. Operators can also enable PSTN voice services in regions currently unavailable through Microsoft Calling Plans.

  • MS Teams Direct Routing

    The Microsoft Teams Phone System powered by CallTower enables customers to bring their current voice services into the Microsoft Cloud through Direct Routing. Direct Routing ensures the ability to leverage CallTower’s preferred rates and unlocks the full potential of a Microsoft Teams Phone System.

  • MS Teams for GCC High

    Organizations, primarily government agencies, and contractors leveraging Microsoft 365 GCC High environments can add voice and audio conferencing to their systems with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing from CallTower. CallTower is the only provider enabling cloud-based Teams voice in GCC High.

  • Microsoft Teams Premium and Copilot

    Discover a seamless collaboration experience with CallTower's Microsoft Teams Premium offering. Elevate your productivity and communication with advanced features tailored to your needs. Pair this with Microsoft CoPilot, a support service that ensures optimal performance and smooth operations. Experience the power of unified communications like never before with CallTower and Microsoft Teams Premium combined with Microsoft CoPilot.