Protect your NAS data from malware attacks

The world of network attached storage (NAS) has changed over the years. One of the things that have changed is the scalability that you can now achieve through your production NAS devices by exposing network file share (NFS) or server message block (SMB) protocols for these workloads. As such, unstructured data is currently measured in petabytes and continues to grow exponentially. Today, NAS is used much more widely including in applications, large unstructured data sets and virtualization. Unstructured data is the data that we create as users every day. This includes documents, presentations, graphics, etc., as well as the massive amount of data that devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) are creating every second.

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Top Features

  • Wizard-driven approach

    Powerful NAS backup protects unstructured, data-federated backup storage that’s driven by an easy-to-use, wizard-driven approach that’s strong enough to process petabytes of data as fast as possible without the constraints of NDMP.

  • Flexible recovery capabilities

    Flexible NAS recovery capabilities eliminate downtime and disruptions for users with instant read/write access to shares during recovery. Use granular recovery for unstructured object recovery requests that users commonly make.

  • Secure backups

    Secure your backups from attack with immutable NAS backups that go directly to object storage or Veeam’s hardened repository. You can also air-gap your NAS backups with rotated drives or use our next-generation tape backup engine to send even the largest shares directly to tape.


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