Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence Education

Dynamic threat intelligence solution

Help eliminate modern threats and their infrastructure

Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence Education (Defender TI) is a platform that streamlines triage, incident response, threat hunting, vulnerability management, and cyber threat intelligence analyst workflows during threat infrastructure analysis and threat intelligence gathering. Analysts often dedicate a significant amount of time to data discovery, collection, and parsing, rather than concentrating on what truly aids their organizations in self-defense—deriving insights about threat actors through analysis and correlation. With Defender TI, enhance your expertise in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity by empowering cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to defend against modern threats.

Starting at $625.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Enhance your security tools and workflows

    Extend the reach and visibility of your existing security investments. Use the raw cyberthreat intelligence of effective security tools to gain more context and understand threats more deeply.

  • Accelerate detection and remediation

    Discover the full scope of an attack. Understand an online adversary’s entire toolkit, prevent access by all their machines and known entities, and continuously block a single IP address or domain.

  • Identify attackers and their tools

    Understand how your online connections work and identify your potential threat exposures with a complete map of the internet.


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