A flexible PRI trunk is what your business needs

We want to help your business shift when needed. That’s why we have flexible PRI trunking, which allows 24 simultaneous call sessions at a time, porting your current numbers at no extra charge, and bringing your traditional PRI PBX systems with you.

24 simultaneous call sessions

  • Business needs change, and that includes your PRI Trunking demands. And that’s why Optimum offers the ability to have up to 24 simultaneous call sessions and up to 100 Direct Inward Dial (DIDs) telephone numbers.

Port your numbers at no extra charge

  • Port your current numbers at no extra charge. Make changes with ease. And you don’t need an IT person. We make it easy to add or remove additional phone sessions or DID blocks, thanks to our easy-to-understand Setup Guide.

Bring your traditional PRI PBX

  • You can also bring your traditional PRI PBX phone systems to our PRI service and have up to 23 simultaneous call sessions. Along with this, you get all the calling features you need for daily business.

Compatible with most SIP trunk providers

Optimum’s Business Trunking works with a huge list of the most common IP PBX providers, including Cisco CME, NORTEL, and Panasonic (NSE and TDE series). Our trunking has been tested and certified for this, so it will work with your existing PBX provider. Get up to 23 simultaneous call sessions with a PRI interface if your business has an existing PBX phone system. And when you switch to Optimum, you won’t have to pay extra fees for new equipment or hardware.