Boost team productivity

Close more deals with less busy work. Our CRM for sales teams offers everything you need in one simple platform—including contact and deal management, activity tracking and lead generation. Plus, you can set up triggers and automate tasks to keep reps on target.

  • Email integration - Sync your existing email to Sell and work more efficiently with alerts, templates, and automatic tracking.
  • Sales engagement tools - Build targeted prospect lists and create customized email sequences to automatically follow-up with leads.
  • Task Player - Work uninterrupted through routine sales activities, like outreach and following up, to streamline your day.
  • Call and text - Instantly log, record and reference all calls, as well as send and receive texts directly from a lead, contact, or deal.
  • Smart lists templates - Segment and filter your leads and deals in real-time, while saving lists of your most frequented data views.
  • Sequences - Set up email and task sequences to automatically engage leads, and streamline your outreach.
  • Power dialer - Spend less time punching numbers with a custom call list that automatically cycles through customers and prospects.
  • Bulk outreach - Send bulk emails to a filtered smart list of prospects or customers. Add merge tags to automatically pull in their information.
  • Sales triggers - Build trigger-based actions to eliminate admin work, automate your workflow and ensure all customers get your full attention.

Deliver better customer experiences

See the full context of where your prospects and customers are in their buying journey. With Sell, you can view key customer information across sales and service, all in one platform. Empower reps to deliver personalized conversational experiences from anywhere.

  • Centralised platform - Manage your leads, contacts and account information in one platform to get full customer context before your call, or meeting.
  • Complete customer view - Integrate Zendesk Sell and Support to exchange key data and insights across your sales and support teams.
  • Marketplace - Effortlessly connect to your favorite apps in the Zendesk Marketplace with one click.
  • API access - Plug into your existing tech stack with our rich, open APIs or build your own custom solutions using the Zendesk apps framework.
  • Mobile app - Stay connected to your prospects and customers from anywhere with additional features, like geolocation.
  • Subscriptions - Track an account’s recurring revenue and view everything from historical records to subscription end dates in smart lists.

Get full pipeline visibility

Save yourself from end-of-quarter surprises by accurately forecasting and managing your pipeline in real time. Zendesk gives you full visibility so you can plan, track and analyse your sales process without heavy lifting.

  • Accurate forecasting - Predict deal volume and forecast revenue growth to improve your sales strategy, planning, and team management.
  • Pipeline analysis - Analyze lead and deal progression and quickly identify bottlenecks across each stage of your pipeline.
  • Advanced analytics - Gain actionable insights using thousands of customizations and view sales metrics right away with our pre-built dashboards.
  • Activity reporting - Get access to out-of-the-box reports that examine key metrics like calls made, email outcomes and appointments held.
  • Performance metrics - Improve pipeline visibility with pre-calculated sales performance metrics like deal source performance, loss reasons and more.
  • Custom dashboards - Create custom performance dashboards using 10 drag-and-drop widgets to monitor your sales performance goals, deal activity and tasks.

APIS, apps and integrations

Take Sell a step further.

  • Capture the right data - Customize Sell to fit your business needs. Bring Zendesk Sunshine custom objects to leads, contacts and deals.
  • Plug into your tech stack - Sell offers rich, open APIs that integrate easily with your existing solutions. For even more personalization, build your own app with the Zendesk apps framework.
  • Easily install top apps - Connect top apps and integrations from the Sell marketplace, including your favorite tools for marketing automation, billing and more. It only takes a click.
  • Partner up for a better sales experience - Our growing community of global partners will support you in building the best possible sales solution.