Mimecast Email Security and Resilience

Best-in-class email security

Integrated Suite

An Integrated Cloud Email Security solution that does not require an MX record change, Email Security, Cloud Integrated is purpose-built to enhance and extend M365 protections. Deploying in minutes and providing optimized protections out of the box, it’s ideal for IT and security teams that want to bolster M365 while making email security administration a snap.

  • Optimized M365 protections
  • Deployed in minutes
  • Out-of-the box settings
  • Minimal configuration
  • Simplified administration
  • One-click remediation
  • Extensibility through rich APIs
  • World-class email security

Gateway Suite

A Secure Email Gateway in the cloud, Email Security, Cloud Gateway is designed to keep any type of email environment, even the most complex, secure. Offering advanced administration capabilities and a range of complementary solutions and integrations, it’s ideal for IT and security teams that want to control risk and tame complexity.

  • Optimized protections for any type of email environment — M365, Google Workspace, hybrid, on-premise
  • Support for large and complex email environments (FAA, AAA)
  • Advanced administration capabilities
  • Fast, easy integration with other security tools
  • Integrated, complementary solutions (e.g., Continuity, Archive, DMARC)
  • World-class email security