Build intelligent chatbots to engage, support & generate leads

Infobip Answers helps build intelligent chatbots to engage, support, and generate leads. You can automate customer support and reduce costs with our no-code virtual assistant. Our fully-encompassed chatbot-building platform enables you to create highly customized chatbots across preferred channels. It lowers operational costs and provides 24/7 support with rule-based or intent-based chatbots. It helps you meet increasing customer demands for swift answers and automate low-value inquiries. Enhance the customer experience, streamline support, and drive cost savings with Infobip Answers.

Top Features

  • Native message types

    Share different types of content using the various channel-native features.

  • Omnichannel deployment

    Deploy your chatbot on as many preferred channels as you like.

  • Powered by in-house AI engine

    Our powerful NLP engine powers your chatbots and makes them understand customers' intents.

  • Extensive analytics

    Dive deep into conversational, session and user-specific analytics to drive optimization.

  • Drag and drop code free interface

    No coding skill required - build and test your chatbot by yourself all under one platform.

  • Contextual live-agent takeover

    Transfer the conversation from chatbot to live agent, using our Conversations interface.