Puzzel Live Share

Video and screen sharing solution

Build deeper customer relationships and trust

Strengthen customer relationships through immersive video and screen sharing. Forge deeper connections and foster trust in your brand with Puzzel Live Share. This innovative solution enables you to engage in face-to-face video calls with your customers and seamlessly share screens, replicating the immersive experience of an in-person interaction. Regardless of your location, Puzzel Live Share empowers you to provide personalized and impactful customer experiences.

Top Features

  • Video chat whenever and wherever you want

     Initiate video calls with customers at any time during voice, web chat and/or social interactions.

  • Help with complex web tasks

    Co-browse with customers to help them navigate your website, fill out forms and make purchases.

  • Expand your CX capabilities

    Use video to deliver live product demonstrations or conduct consultations from your contact centre.

  • Security and transparency

    Safeguard your online interactions with video verification and security checks.

  • Solve problems face to face

    Diffuse customer tension with a personal touch in the moments that matter.