PhySaaS For2fi

Cloud computing solutions for businesses

A full suite of cloud-based security solutions

PhySaaS For2fi connects all your physical security devices in a single, cloud-based platform. It aggregates data across devices within a centralized platform, enabling you to access and manage your physical security on the go using an intuitive app. Cameras, access control, sensors, alarms, and guest management are all accessible in a single pane of glass. There is no need for port forwarding, complicated firewall rules, or VPNs. It is fully managed smarter security for people and buildings all rolled into a low monthly fee significantly reducing CAPEX.

Top Features

  • Video security

    Powerful onboard processing to bring simplicity and speed to your investigations.

  • Access control

    Plug-and-play access control solution built for ease of use and limitless scale.

  • Air quality

    Data-driven insights for monitoring changes across your environment.

  • Alarms

    24/7 professional monitoring, Intrusion detection, and communication console.

  • Guest management

    Personalized check-in experience for all types of visitors while integrating with cameras and access control.


Additional Information