RTech Solutions Out of Band Management Kit

All-in-one, unlimited LTE solution

Why do you need out of band management service?

The simple all-in-one kit instantly provides secure network device access anywhere.

  • Access your critical network devices 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Connect to your devices even when a device is offline, physically inaccessible, or when the network is down.
  • Protect your critical network devices with high-level security features & secure access.


Things like security cameras, point-of-sale systems, and mission-critical servers can all benefit from being outfitted with an OOBM solution.

Security cameras

  • Many modern restaurants and retail stores rely on application-based POS systems, which need to maintain an always-online connection to function properly. If these systems were to go down businesses could lose the ability to process credit card transactions or touch-free payment methods like Apple Pay. Not only would this cause lost revenue for the impacted business, but customers who had a negative experience could choose to leave bad reviews resulting in an increased likelihood of fewer new customers giving the store a chance. An OOBM and Failover combo solution would enable staff to fix the connectivity issue while Failover kept the POS system up and running until primary connectivity is restored.

POS systems

  • Internet cafes like coffee shops that offer free Wi-Fi to patrons attract some customers just from the offer of free internet. Imagine the customer experience of someone who visits one of those locations to take advantage of that service and the internet is down. This can lead to negative reviews and unhappy customers simply because of a network outage. Wireless business failover with a 5G plan would be able to handle several connections and not sacrifice speed, keeping customers and business owners both happy.


  • If a server goes down, it can impact many different aspects of a business. Depending on the scale, a large enterprise business could lose thousands in a very short time frame if a server outage isn’t remedied quickly.